Places to Eat in and around the Queen Vic Market!

After exploring Allanson Souvenirs near Queen Victoria Market, you have several inviting dining options to consider that highlight some of Melbournes greatest tastes and tallents (in our opinion anyway!): 

  1. Bratwurst Shop & Co: A great spot for those craving German fast food, particularly bratwurst. It’s located within the Queen Victoria Market, making it a convenient stop​. 

  2. 3 Brothersss Indian Restaurant: Offers a variety of stunning Indian dishes, praised for their flavor and authenticity, also situated within the market area.

  3. El Rincon: Known for its memorable Spanish cuisine, this place is just a short walk from the market. They serve a range of Mediterranean, European, and Spanish dishes that are sure to delight​ (TripAdvisor)​.

  4. American Doughnut Kitchen: Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this iconic spot serves up some of Melbourne's most beloved hot jam doughnuts. It’s a must-visit for a quick, sweet treat​ (TripAdvisor)​.

  5. Market Lane Coffee: For coffee enthusiasts looking to enjoy high-quality, specialty coffee, this café is a fantastic choice. With a location right on the market's doorstep, it’s ideal for a coffee break before or after your market visit​ (Queen Victoria Market)​.

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