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We would love to contest that Melbourne should be the events capital of the world, yep – you read it here. Why? Well, we have constant events and activities to keep a range diverse individuals entertained all year round.

Below are our favourite events coming up over the next couple of weeks that will be perfect for a day out:

This full day event is perfect for the whole family filled with boat racing, food trucks, dancing, and other family activities. Thousands of people are anticipated to line Victoria Harbor in docklands and cheer on the race to the beat of the drums. Starting off with a unique ceremony to wake the dragons and bless the boats for safe racing before embarking on their trip. This event is a special tradition that combines tradition with action and is truly something to experience once, if not every, year.

Melbourne's Dragon Boat Festival heads to Docklands this February

This weekend will be LOUD – that’s one thing we know for sure!

Located at Avalon, the weekend promises all attendees jet fighters, strike bombers, helicopters, music and even a WALL OF FIRE (yep.. you read that right). Perfect for every age, this event will be awe inducing and excitement for all.

Australian International Airshow 2023

You would have heard of this one before, a milestone in the racing calendar. Watch your team compete around the track at Melbourne’s Albert Park and be part of an experience like no other. With live music, hospitality experiences and an unmatched atmosphere … this is well worth heading down to our great state for.

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