Our Purpose

The origins of our business spans over 50 years ago with the intent to bring people together though souvenirs and gifts that can create lasting memories. Our mission has remained the same throughout the course of our time as Allanson’s and below we seek to tell you a bit more about it and why we are driven by our customers.

Purpose is defined as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”.

When the store was open we saw a gap in the market for unique Australian Souvenirs that highlighted our ‘aussie’ flare and style. Many tourists and ‘Melbournians’ alike had nothing to gift their relatives, nor proudly display in their homes to highlight the love they have for our beautiful country and/or a memento to remind them of joyous times they had here.

Nowadays we at Allanson’s are driven by our personal experience with souvenirs and other such gifts that they have acquired in our life. An example being that Drida, the owner, loves her unique ornaments on her Christmas tree that have been bought on various holiday travels that herself, Steve and the rest of her family have had. All of them often become nostalgic when putting up the tree as each piece the place on the leaves reminds them of happy memories – so they know firsthand the power of what a great gift can mean.

The same emotions have been shared by each of the staff who all have similar experiences in their own homes. They know that time is the only thing that us humans have so being reminded of our travel, our families and our love through these souvenirs can remind us of that very notion.  For that reason, our purpose is truly ingrained in all of our staff to give you guys the best service, souvenirs and gifts that can evoke the same sense of nostalgia and euphoria for the years to come.

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