Top Selling Aussie Gifts

With summer being in full force in Melbourne we thought we would highlight our most popular gifts this season.

  1. The Ecokin range
    How can you not love our range of Ecokins??
    These adorable soft toys are stuffed with recycled water bottles and are perfect to cuddle. We are the only ones that are proud to be selling these little guys here at the Queen Victoria Market and we have been thrilled with the feedback we have received about their quality and the enjoyment that they bring!
  2. Australian-Made Aboriginal art
    Our Bulurru range of products are reproductions of indigenous paints, with royalties paid to Artist. They have many different designs and are sold on various items such as Magnets, Bags, Stubbie Holders, and Cotton Canvas prints.
    We will have more of this range coming up on our website over the next couple of weeks so make sure to check it out – alternatively you can come down to the Queen Vic Market and buy directly from our stall!
  3. Backpacks
    These backpacks have been selling like hotcakes due to the fact that they are perfect for making memories with your family. Whether you are buying it for your kids or your friends they will always remember that you brought them home a little slice of Australia and will be forever thankful for it (plus they are functional too!!).

  4. Huggers

    Whether you clip these cute little guys onto a tree, a backpack or even your shirt these cute and cost-effective gifts make the perfect statement when you buy them for the people you love!

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